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Flame & Plasma Metal Cutting Owen Industries

The companys New Generation Flame & Plasma Cutting operations are among the largest in the Midwest and have the capacity to cut a variety of plate products. We maintain high production efficiency by using a combination of cutting systems, including processing tables that range from 16 ft., 5 in. to 118 ft. and cutting machines with 10 to 20 torch heads. Flame Cutting, HD Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting & Post HD Plasma CUTTING. Our state of the art Hi Definition Plasma machines are an ideal cutting solution for accurate profiles up to 30mm thick. More Laser CUTTING. With exceptional cutting precision, a top of the range quality cut and high processing speeds laser cutting is a very popular cutting option for all types of industries from street

Laser Cutting & Metal Processing, Telecommunications

Ranfar Steel Ltd. is a privately owned and operated metal fabrication and supply company with many years of experience in fabrication, material processing and laser cutting. Ranfar Steel Ltd. provides services to the following markets:Metal Processing incorporating the latest equipment. Telecommunication support structures and mounting apparatus. Supplying building products for new Laser Cutting - VarsteelLaser Cutting. We offer precision laser steel cutting for any metal fabrication process that involves laser cutting different metals. Contact us at any of the branches for more detailed information about our Laser Cutting Steel Processing services. Metal Processing Service-Steel Cutting/Bending/PunchingThe materials that can be plasma cutting are similar to laser cutting, including:steels, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steels, copper and titanium. Disadvantage of Plasma Cutting. However, plasma cutting cannot cut materials as thick as those that cut by flame cutting. Generally, plasma cutting is not a great choice for materials of small thickness.

Oxy Fuel Cutting Services - Flame Cutting - O'Neal Steel

Oxy-fuel cutting, also known as flame cutting, is a widely applied industrial thermal cutting process. Its most often used for cutting carbon plates that are 1 to 12 inches thick. O'Neal provides oxy-fuel cutting services for carbon, cold-finished, and hot-rolled steel. Plasma Vs Laser:Which Cutting Machine Fits Your Needs?

  • How They WorkWhat They CutSafetyStartup CostOperating CostHead-To-Head Performance TestingConclusionSteel Services Plasma Cutting Middelberg GK SteelOur ability to provide accurate, clean and detailed fiber laser cutting allows us to confidently supply processed steel to a variety of industries across South Africa. HD plasma cutting with bevel cutting and True Hole Technology, CNC operated systems to cut parts accurately, saving you time and money. Precision Cutting - Quality Steel Plate Cutting and ProcessingWe are experts in all steel plate processing services, including; brake pressing, drilling and tapping to highly customized cutting, including plasma cutting, bevel cutting, oxy fuel cutting and flame cutting. We offer efficient and affordable processing services. Ltd centrally in the South Island in the Ahburtn Business Estate.

    Quality Flame Cutting American Steel & Aluminum

    While plate processing can be great for burning through thick materials, plasma cutting is more precise and works well for very thin materials. The process is done by forcing plasma gas through a nozzle which constricts it. The gas condenses and is quickly expelled to a conductive surface. When it hits that surface, the plasma is able to cut right through it. Plasma cutting is ideal for cutting mild steel, stainless steel Source Metals - Steel Cutting Services - Flame Cutting Flame Cutting, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Hy-Def Plasma Cutting See all features. 3 CNC Controlled Hy-Def Plasma Processing Carbon, Alloy, Stainless, and Aluminum Materials See all features. Bending & Forming all grades of Steel up to 144" long & 1" Thick.Steel Cutting Services / Laser / Plasma / Flame - ANSONWe are committed to be the professional steel cutting and pre-processing service provider. ANSON owns 7500m 2 of modern factory, equipped with Koike Plasma Cutter, Trumph Laser Cutter, Flame Cutting Machine, CNC Punching Machine,etc. We can achieve all pre-processing service with both thick plate and sheet plate, by flame cutting, laser cutting