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Property 6061-T4 6061-T6 Density 2.70 g/cc 0.0975 lb/in³ 2.70 g/cc 0.0975 lb/in³ Mechanical Properties Property 6061-T4 6061-T6 Tensile Strength 241 MPa 35000 psi 310 MPa 45000 psi Yield Strength 145 MPa 21000 psi 276 MPa 40000 psi Modulus of Elasticity 68.9 GPa 10000 ksi 68.9 GPa 10000 ksi Thermal Properties 6061 Aluminum vs. 2024 Aluminum - Differences in Aug 21, 2021 · One of the most popular alloys available, 6061 aluminum boasts high strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, and machinability. It hails from the 6xxx series of aluminum alloys which use magnesium and silicon as its principal alloying elements. 6061 aluminum has a density of 2.7 g/cm 3 (0.0975 lb/in 3 ) and is composed of 0.6% Si, 1.0%Mg, 0.2%Cr, 0.28% Cu, and 97.9% Al.

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Details:See Aluminum Tolerances. Aluminum Sheet 6061-T6 exhibits above average corrosion resistance, good machinability, high strength, light weight, good weldability, and the ability to be heat treated for even higher strength, all at an affordable price. 6061 is the most commonly used aluminum alloy in the world due to its positive characteristics. 6061-T4 ALUMINUM SHEET - A.E.D. Motorsport6061-T4 SHEET 6061-T4 sheets are generally produced in 48 x 144 dimensions. The best pricing is always when you order full sheets, which can be cut for economical shipping methods. AED also offers cut-to-size pieces. 6061-T4 sheets offer the ability to perform severe forming operations of grades such as 3003-H14 and Alloy 6061 - Hydro Extruded SolutionsWhen more severe bends are required, a softer temper condition such as -T1/-T4 or even -O (anneal) may be necessary to prevent cracking. After artificial aging (precipitation heat-treating), 6061-T1/-T4 is capable of developing -T6 properties. Hydro offers 6061 alloy with a

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Dec 05, 2014 · Dec 05, 2014 · By the way, this technique is very effective. Welds in 6061-T6 are only about 60 percent as strong as the T6 material because the welding overages the heat-affected zone. However, if you buy the 6061 in the T4 temper, weld it, and then age the welded assembly, the welds are about 85 percent stronger than the T6 temper. Common Design Mistakes in Aluminum Lincoln ElectricFigure 4 shows a plot of tensile stress versus distance from the weld for 6061, revealing curves for both T4 and T6 material in both the as-welded (AW) and post-weld-aged (PWA) conditions. The PWA condition represents a weld that is subsequently aged for one hour at approximately 400°F (205°C). Datasheets - Aluminium Alloy - Commercial Alloy - 6061 Aluminium alloy 6061 is a medium to high strength heat-treatable alloy with a strength higher than 6005A. It has very good corrosion resistance and very good weldability although reduced strength in the weld zone. It has medium fatigue strength. It has good cold formability in

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  • BackgroundFactor 1 FormabilityFactor 2 Thickness and Bend RadiusFactor 3 Percentage of ElongationAdditional QuestionsWhen and why to use aluminum 6061 - RyersonAug 13, 2019 · Aug 13, 2019 · Its high corrosion resistance and good formability make it one of most joinable alloys. However, 6061 angle is the most commonly used aluminum for structural applications. In general, 6061 features higher strength (tensile strength range is 20 to 42 KSI) than 6063.Aluminum 6061 - Annealed, T4 and T6 properties Aug 01, 2020 · It is good in mechanical properties, exhibits good weldability and can be produced by extrusion. The mechanical properties of aluminum depends mainly on its temper or heat treatment procedure. It is commonly available in pre-tempered grade such as 6061-O (annealed), 6061-T4 and 6061-T6 grades.