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ORIFICE SIZE @PSI NUMBER OF CUTTING HEADS Industry Standard 60,000psi/50hp Pump & Single Head Cutting PRO-III90,000psi/125hp Pump & Dual IDE®PRO Head Cutting CUT PARTS 2X FASTERKMT Waterjet now offers a Cut Calculator APP that compares 90,000psi to 60,000psi cutting. Increase Productivity @ 90,000psi! KMT Waterjet Cutting Nozzles KMT PRO-III APP - Waterjet WorldDESCRIPTION 60 Motor Ra ng 60hp (45kw) Pressure Range (Deadhead) 90,000psi (6.200 bar) Max. Flow Rate at Max. Pressure (60 Hz) 0.78 gal/min (2.9 lpm) Length 83.7 (2,126 mm) Width 53.7 (1,364 mm) Height 59.3 (1,506 mm) CUTTING WATER CIRCUIT A ©enuator Volume .42 gal (1.6 L) Cu «ng Water Inlet Pressure 35-85psi (2.41-5.86 bar)

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This KMT Waterjet video demonstrates how to cut aluminum faster with waterjet pressure at 90,000psi vs. 60,000psi. By increasing the waterjet pump pressure from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, the velocity of the water jet stream also significantly increases. The net result is, the higher the pressure, the faster the parts will cut. And by accelerating the water jet stream from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, there is also a KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator App - PR NewswireDec 28, 2018 · Dec 28, 2018 · KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator shows the significant improvement in cut speed between cutting at 90,000psi to 60,000psi. Increase Velocity = Increase Productivity. KMT Waterjet Cutting Pumps - AKScuttingNew KMT PRO-III Intensifier features advanced high pressure seal technology for maximum uptime. KMT Waterjet now offers a Cut Calculator APP that compares 90,000psi to 60,000psi cutting. Increase Productivity @ 90,000psi! Harmonized PLC Platform NEW Touch screen is software updateable, offers 11 languages, optional

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Soluciones de sistemas de corte por chorro de agua. La más amplia gama de soluciones de corte por agua. KMT Bombas de cabezales sencillos o duales 90,000psi Water-Jetting Prowess @ 90,000PSI - Aerospace Mar 07, 2013 · Mar 07, 2013 · The KMT waterjet pumps feature dual 90,000psi intensifiers that virtually eliminate pressure drop at 90,000psi, enabling twice the cutting power when compared to lower pressure systems. As an example of work that i-Cubed engineers can offer from the other half of the facility is a recent test piece cut for an aircraft brake component.KMT Cut Calculator App compares cutting @ 90,000psi to 60 The new KMT Cut Calculator App compares cutting at 90,000psi to 60,000psi, showing linear cutting speed in inches/minutes, with a variety of Edge Quality (Fine, Smooth, Medium, Course, Rough) finishes. The KMT Cut Calculator App will show significant improvement in productivity, increase capacity, lower cost per part, while using less abrasive cutting at 90,000psi.