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The role of Machinability in metal cutting parameters

Sep 16, 2009 · Sep 16, 2009 · Machinability of a material plays a major role in the selection of correct cutting parameters in machining a part. From the point of best productivity, the choice of right material that can be machined with least difficulty must be chosen. Machinabilty Rating or Machinability Index charts provide relative information about difficulty or ease of machining of a specific material in 40Mn2S12 IS ::Total Materia40Mn2S12, IS, IS 9175-13, Specification for Rationalized Steels for Automobile and Ancillary Industry, Mechanical and Physical Properties - Part 13 40C15S12 Grade steel, IS 1570-3, Schedules for wrought steels Part 3 Carbon and carbon manganese free cutting steels, IS 9175-1, Rationalized Steels for the Automobile and Ancillary Industry - Part 1 :Chemical Composition, IS 4431, Carbon and