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API 5L Flanges, API 5L X 52 x 56 X 65 X 70 Flanges

API 5L Shim Flanges, API 5L Chequered Flanges, API 5L Circles Flanges Suppliers in India. Amardeep Stel Centre supply Flanges in API 5L X52, X56, X60, X65 and X70 in accordance with ASTM material standards:105, A350 LF 2, A694 F52, A182 F316L, A182 F51, A182 F55. India Supplier of API 5LX Flanges in API 5L X52 X56 X60 X65 X70 from Mumbai India API 5L Grade X60 Pipe Specification Chemical API 5L Grade X60 Sour Service Pipe Data Sheet Steel grade (Steel name) Chemical Composition API 5L X60 Sour Service Mass fraction, based upon heat and product analyses Carbon equivalenta % % maximum C b Si Mn b P S V Nb Ti Other c,d CE IIW CEPcm Seamless pipe L415QS or X60QS 0.16 0.45 1.65 0.020 0.003 e 0.08 0.05 0.04 g,i,k 0.41 0.22 h Welded pipe

API 5L Plates, API 5L X 52 x 56 X 65 X 70 Plates

Chemical Composition:Yield Strength:Tensile Strength Yield to Tensile :Elongation C:Si:Mn:P:S:V:Nb:Ti:min. (KSI) min. (KSI) Ratio (max) % API 5L X52:0.16:0.45:1.65:0.020:0.010:0.07:0.05:0.04:52:66:0.93:21:API 5L X56:0.16:0.45:1.65:0.020:0.010:0.07:0.05:0.04:56:71:0.93:19:API 5L X60:0.16:0.45:1.65:0.020:0.010:0.08:0.05:0.04:60:75:0.93:19:API 5L X65:0.16:0.45:1.65:0.020:0.010:0.09:0.05:0.06:65 API 5L X46 PipeAPI 5L X46 PSL1 PipeAPI 5L X46 PSL2 API 5L Grade PSL2 Pipe Chemical and Mechanical Properties:Grade:Chemical Composition:Mechanical Property:C (Max) Mn (Max) P (Max) S (Max) Tensile:Yield:C. E. IMPACT ENERGY:Psi x 1000:Mpa:Psi x 1000:Mpa:PCM:IIW:J:FT/LB:B:0.22:1.20:0.025:0.015:60 - 110:414 - 758:35 - 65:241 - 448:0.25:0.43:T/L 27/41:T/L 20/30:X42:0.22:1.30:0.025:0.015:60 - 110:414 - 758:42 - API 5L X65 Seamless and Welded Line pipe SpecificationAPI 5L X65 Line Pipe Scope. The API 5L X65 line pipe is designed to be used as most economical and safe way of transporting oil and gas. The significant number of accidents caused by failures of pipelines is due to corrosion. Plastic deformation can modify the mechanical properties of these pipelines, steel's corrosive behavior when deformed plastically is important to avoid failures.

API 5L X70 Pipe Specifications - Octalsteel

API 5L X70 pipe is a premium grade piping material in API 5L standard specifications. Also called L485 pipe, as its yield strength minimum in 485 Mpa (70,300 psi). API 5L X70 covers manufacturing types in seamless and welded (ERW, SAW) types, both applied for oil and gas transmissions. It contains two product specification levels PSL1, PSL2. API 5L:Specification for Line Pipe682-8000. A catalog of API publications, programs and services is published annually and updated biannually by API, and available through Global Engineering Documents, 15 Inv­ erness Way East, MIS C303B, Englewood, CO 80112-5776. This document was produced under API standardization procedures that ensure appropri­ API 5LX API 5LX52, 5LX56, 5LX60 5LX65 5LX70 Pipe, Fittings API 5L X52 5L X56 5L X60 5L X65 5L X70 The "universal" steel quality for structural and linepipe applications-50° to +400° Celsius Welded and Seamless Pipe Plain and Threaded Pipe Ends. Specification API 5L is suitable for conveying gas, water and oil in both Oil and Natural Gas industries.

Pipe in API 5L X52, X56, X60 X65 X70 Welded & Seamless

USA Supplier of API 5LX Welded & Seamless Pipe in API 5L X52 X56 X60 X65 X70 from Rolf Lycke; world leading stockholder of API 5L X65 pipes & fittingsAPI 5L pipe specifications American Piping Products

  • ScopeProcessChemical RequirementsX65 Chemical composition,X65 Physical Properties steel API 5L X65 steel plate,under API 5L standard, we can regard X65 steel plate/pipes as large diameter pipes. X65 Chemical composition. In terms of chemistry, X65 steel is quite simple when compared to other specialized steels. It has a very low carbon content (0.10 percent) compared against other steels.