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Nov 15, 2014 · NAK80 420 420SS ASSAB S136 ASSAB S136H 2316 etc. For abrasive resins The Tool Hub suggest to use through hardened steel such as:S7 H13 2767 2344 A quick comparison of the price difference between steels. If you take a Chinese produced DIN 2311 and set its price to index 1, you can then see in the table below approximately how much more Difference between steel mold types P20H, S136H and 718H?Apr 16, 2017 · But you can check it in the internet in different standards like P20=1.2311; 718= 1.2738; S136=Stavax. If you check the datasheet of the supplier like Uddeholm you will see there is not much difference between the P20 and the 718. Here you can see also information about the heat treatments, machining too. (also for the S136, Stavax)

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What is the difference between NAK80 and S136? If cavity steel is H13, what material shall be used for lifter, why? What is the machining process of plastic injection mold? What causes flash in plastic injection molded parts? What causes void in molding plastic parts? How to solve part sticking to slide issue? High Speed Tool Steel Grades Equivalent Table - Songshun But the difference between the carbon steel and high speed tool steel is that high speed tool steel has high red hardness. So is good material for high speed cutting. As below, I will show you all the information of High Speed Tool Steel grade equivalents table for American ASTM, UNS, to GB, ISO, Europe, Germany, France, and Japan. How to choose suitable mold steel? - Industry Knowledge Dec 19, 2018 · Steel, etc., in which 718 and NAK80 are pre-hardened, no further heat treatment is required; S136 and H13 steels are all annealed, the hardness is generally HB160-200, vacuum quenching and tempering are required after roughing, S136 The hardness is generally HRC40-50, and the hardness of H13 steel is generally HRC45-55 (can be determined according to the specific grade).

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Mar 23, 2021 · Suitable for electrodes and polishing molds, NAK80 polishing material grain is more obvious. S136 needs heat treatment, hardness HRC48-52, high mirror finish, good polishing performance, suitable for PVC, PP, EP, PC, PMMA. If the mold Knowledge base Archives - SositarThe difference between NAK80 and S136. Leave a Comment / Knowledge base / By jackie lau. NAK80 is a precipitation hardening steel for high-grade mirror plastic molds. . After solution treatment and age hardening, the hardness is able to reach up to 37-43 HRC. Able to be used in the original state without heat treatment. . Nak80 Steel China Trade,Buy China Direct From Nak80 Steel Buy Nak80 Steel China Direct From Nak80 Steel Factories at . Help Global Buyers Source China Easily. MENU S136 1.2083 420 4Cr13 Forged Alloy Steel Material Mould Steel Bar NAK80 Steel price. What are the difference between you and other steel company9 A:Quality first!

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The available materials are S136, 2316, 718S, NAK80, PAK90, 420, Take the S136 and 2316 and compare it. The difference is between 55 and 60 yuan per kilogram. If you choose improperly, your boss will not receive the order. Do bankruptcy. There are many pre-hard materials for the third-level molds, and the grades are:S136H, 2316H, 718H Steel grades The Tool HubJan 30, 2016 · NAK80:P21 Mod., ESR:Prehardened:40-43:Pre-hardened type with high hardness, good polishability,excellent photo-etchingability, good EDM machining and weldability:molds require high wear resistance and excellent surface finishing. S-Star:SUS 420 J2 Mod., ESR:Prehardened:31-36:High mirror surface polishability with corrosion resistance. What type of steel being used by China mold makers?Class A and Class B mold with mirror polishing, 1.2344, 1.2343 even S136 will be used. Class C and Class D mold with high glossary polishing, 1.2312, 1.2311, 1.2738 and 1.2738H would be used. Injection mold steel has to be nitride to enhance the surface, tiny damage on

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American AISI P20 , which is the most used steel in China, at least at our company , and lower in cost than than NAK80 or S136. And similar to Swedish 618/V007. This steel is used for cavities that can injection 100-250 thousand shots.How to choose the Plastic Mold Steels? - EcomoldingMar 11, 2019 · S136, 2316, 718S, NAK80, PAK90 and 420 steel materials are suitable for clear and high polishing surface products, while highly transparent products should primarily select the S136, and secondarily choose the 420 steel materials. Common Plastic Mold Steel Series:DH2F. Price42RMB/KG. SeriesPre-hardened Steel. Hardness37-42HRC