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Construction Details (Table I)

2019/7/16 UL iQ for Electrical Insulation Systems https://iq.ul/systems/List.aspx?%ULID=104085411 2/6 MW 83 or 180°C Polyurethane (Polyamide) MW 85 or 180°C Polyurethane Ground and Interwinding Insulations any Recognized Component Plastic (QMFZ2), polyethylene terephthalate film (PET) 3 mils Designation mils(mm) comments Defined Life Thermal Aging Certification UL

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    Electrical Insulation Systems (EIS) Product Standards UL

    The UL Recognized EIS is available for coil manufacturers use. System Components, Electrical Insulation (OBJS2) Applies to UL Recognized insulation systems used in facilities where coil is produced. These systems are evaluated for coil manufacturers or adopted from an OBJS2 supplier. Electrical Insulation Systems Testing and Certification ULIf you work in the electrical insulation systems industry, our comprehensive testing and certification services can help you. An electrical insulation system (EIS) is comprised of a unique combination of materials that have been verified for chemical compatibility when used at certain maximum temperatures. These combinations are arranged to form EIS, such as those used in motors, transformers and Full Thermal Aging Testing for Electrical Insulation SystemsFull thermal aging, often referred to as long-term thermal aging, is designed to monitor the degradation of your electrical insulation system (EIS). Specific details regarding full thermal aging are found in UL 1446, Standard for Safety of Systems of Insulating Materials General (Section 5 and 6). A typical thermal aging program lasts 12-18 months.

    Provisional Recognition for Electrical Insulation Systems UL

    It is permitted for specific products, components, materials or systems to determine suitability for UL Listing or Recognition. Products, components, materials or systems eligible for Provisional Recognition including items covered under ULs electrical insulation systems (EIS) test program may require one or more long-term tests. Reliability of Electrical Insulation Systems ULCertification Database UL Product iQ And the electrical insulation system (EIS) used in the device is a critical link. An EIS is a unique combination of electrical insulating materials (EIMs) used in electrical equipment, closely packed together, operating at or below the maximum operating temperature of the device. An example is the UL Performance materiaLs ElEctrical insulation systEms at thE cEntEr of ElEctrical insulation systEms 5 At UL, we test and certify electrical insulation materials (EIM) and electrical insulation systems (EIS) in an effort to help system builders create better final components for end products that function as planned.

    UL iQ for Electrical Insulation Systems

    Electrical Insulation System Components:E251322:SUZHOU JUFENG ELECTRICAL INSULATION SYSTEM CO LTD:No.3379 LinHu Road, FenHu Economic Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou Jiangsu 215214 CN UL iQ for Electrical Insulation SystemsElectrical Insulation System Components:E57692:DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC:Nomex Business Center, 5401 Jefferson Davis Hwy, North Chesterfield VA 23234 UL iQ for Insulation SystemsSystem Component, Electrical Insulation - Component:E200050 P.LEO & CO. LTD. 4TH FL, UNIT 20-21 GOLDFIELD INDUSTRIAL CENTRE FO TAN, 1 SUI WO RD SHATIN N.T. HK:System Component:System Designation:System Temp(Class)

    UL iQ for Electrical Insulation Systems

    UL iQ for Electrical Insulation Systems. Electrical Insulation System Components. E209189. SUMITOMO BAKELITE CO LTD. 2100 TAKAYANAGI, FUJIEDA-SHI SHIZUOKA 426-0041 JP. System Component. System Designation. System Class. AM-1130, AM-113, PM-9630, PM-9720, PM-9750, PM-9820, PM-9825, PM-9830, PM-9850.