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Sungmor Cast Iron Wall Hanging Sconce Tealight Pillar Candlesticks Holder - Vintage Simple Style Hollow Cross Home Candle Display Holder - Handmade Aluminum Wrap Brushed Aluminum Vinyl Wrap Film3M Wrap Film Series 1080 - Brushed Aluminum (Replaced by 3M 2080) 3M 1080 Series Brushed Aluminum vinyl wraps are a premium quality wrapping film made by the undisputed leader in the industry. Designed especially for DIY installers, this 3.5 mil film features air-release adhesives with micro-channels to give you bubble-free results.

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an etching technique consisting of sprinkling a metal plate with powdered resin and heating it to adhere, creating a dense or lightly granulated effect drypoint An intaglio printmaking technique in which the design is scratched directly into a metal plate with a sharp, pointed, tool that is held like a pen. Compass Large Wall Mount LanternInspired by globes and navigational compasses, this clean and minimal cage design features intersecting spheres of Oil Rubbed Bronze that enclose a sleek pillar of etched opal glass. Constructed from sturdy cast aluminum, Compass maps a path to style for facades that range from traditional to contemporary. Controlled Fabrication of Hollow Metal Pillar Arrays Using With respect to usual pillar based phononic crystal plates, the Bragg band gap can be tuned to be much wider and extended to a sub-wavelength region, and the low frequency gap can be moved to an

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a clear glass ornamentation cut by a diamond wheel to create decorative pattern on the glass, sometimes combined with etched glass patterns. Note:the art of creating hand-cut glass ornamentation on a curved glass surface has been lost; a method where a large curved glass panel is manipulated, suspended in a sling, over a diamond cutting wheel to create patterns Jason Rhinevault Vault Metalwerks LLC"Snoqualmie" in sunlight This is a Pacific Northwest Native American inspired lit wall sculpture. The metal is an acid etched rust finish. The inside back wall plate has a mahogany veneer applied. High quality LEDs are mounted along the interior walls. The piece measures 18 X 22 X 2. Priced at $2,650 Load Bearing Wall IdentificationPlaster, drywall and wood paneling finishes that are applied to all interior and exterior walls act as a very effective camouflage in the average residential home. All walls tend to look the same. A cleverly placed bearing wall can be as dangerous as a stealth bomber.

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02.120.0752:Plank at Bearing Wall Interior Wall, Intermediate Elev. 02.120.0801:Top of Wall Detail Hybrid Type I & II 02.120.0851:Blank at Bearing Wall Top of Wall Plaster Systems Brochure (English) - SA920TM Decorative Interior Finish System permits a limitless variety of colors and textures to be easily applied to interior drywall and other wall surfaces, using techniques similar to those used in plaster work. It offers an alternative to other upscale decorative finishes at a lower installed cost. Wall Paints, Home Painting & Paint Colour Combinations in Get house painting colour combinations & wall paint from the largest paint company. Exclusive interior wall paint, exterior house painting & paint colours by Asian Paints.

US7525141B1 - Memory array with ultra-thin etched pillar

A memory array with data/bit lines extending generally in a first direction formed in an upper surface of a substrate and access transistors extending generally upward and aligned generally atop a corresponding data/bit line. The access transistors have a pillar extending generally upward with a source region formed so as to be in electrical communication with the corresponding data/bit line