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Nov 24, 2012 · They are basically saying drop in grids or sinuous springs are just as durable as 8 way hand tied. If what I have researched is true it leads me to believe that consumer reports is either influenced by the Ashley's of the world or they truly believe the cheaper spring systems are as durable as the traditional labor intensive 8 way hand tied spring decks. Different Types of Furniture SpringsThere are many factors that determine whether a sofa is good quality; a few examples are upholstery materials and construction. The most important component being the sofas spring system. This guide will show you the different kinds of spring systems, which one is the best and how to check which spring system your sofa has! 8 Way Hand Tied Coil Springs Labor-Intensive/Highest Quality Long

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There are two primary spring systems used in constructing upholstered furniture:eight-way hand-tied and sinuous. Eight-way hand-tied springs are used in the base of better quality pieces of upholstered furniture and are often considered a sign of quality. These three dimensional coils are attached to webbing on the bottom of the sofa or chair How to Choose the Right Sofa:8 Way Hand Tie VS. Sinuos Feb 02, 2019 · The two most popular spring systems for upholstered furniture are 8-way hand tied springs and sinuous springs. Lets talk about those. 8-Way Hand Tie. Source. This method has long been considered the gold standard of sofa suspension and requires skilled craftsmanship. Laborers tie the springs eight different ways including side to side Sinuous Springs - interiordesigneduSinuous Springs. Also known an S coils and Zigzag wire. Sinuous springs are used in place of coil spring units in upholstered pieces such as sofas. Related Links. Sinuous Springs vs. Eight-Way Hand Tied The Stated Home What No One Told You About Buying a Sofa Hammers And Heels The Difference:8-Way Hand Tied Springs vs

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Sep 11, 2018 · Stacks of sinuous springs ready for stretching across frames at BenchMade Modern. Photo:Gregory Han. Traditionalists extol the virtues of eight-way hand-tied springs Spring Vs. Webbing in Sofa Construction HunkerThese sinuous springs are constructed much closer together than some of the more-inexpensive spring supports. A heavier-gauge steel is used in construction, and a greater number of springs with few spacings provides more even, comfortable support. Advertisement Eight-Way Tied Types of Couch Springs Home Guides SF GateSinuous Springs. Sometimes referred to as serpentine springs because of their S-shape, sinuous springs are the most commonly used type of couch springs. These steel wire springs snake in a

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Firm sinuous springs -- 8 or 9 gauge -- work best for seats and ottomans. Soft, or 11-gauge, sinuous springs are meant for chair and sofa backs. You need two clips to attach each spring to the How to Choose a Well-Constructed Sofa Fox NewsApr 07, 2017 · Its true that sinuous-spring sofas are less expensive than eight-way hand-tied, and if properly made they will perform better than a drop-in spring system or fake eight-way