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HAYNES® 282® alloy powder is available for evaluation in laser additive manufacturing trials. Praxair Surface Technologies is producing 282 alloy vacuum induction melted argon atomized powder exclusively for Haynes International. Powder composition meets speci cation AMS 5915 (composition only). As Balance *Maximum HAYNES® 282 Alloy:A New Wrought Superalloy Designed Haynes 282 alloy is a precipitation strengthened nickel based superalloy designed by Haynes International Incorporation in 2005. This alloy is currently being evaluated for use as high

HAYNES® 282 Alloy:A New Wrought Superalloy Designed

Sep 19, 2008 · A new wrought, gamma-prime strengthened superalloy, HAYNES 282 alloy, has been developed for high temperature structural applications, especially those in aero and land-based gas turbine engines. The new alloy possesses a unique combination of creep strength, thermal stability, and fabricability not found in currently available commercial alloys. HAYNES® 282® alloyAs a result of its high resistance to strain-age cracking, HAYNES® 282® alloy is much more weldable than other alloys of similar strength. The preferred welding processes are gas tungsten arc (GTAW or TIG) and gas metal arc (GMAW or MIG), using 282 alloy bare filler wire. HAYNES® 282® alloyHAYNES® 282® alloy has similar machining characteristics to other nickel alloys used at high temperatures. Rough machining should be carried out prior to age-hardening. Final machining or finish grinding may be done after age-hardening.

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  • ApplicationsDescriptionNominal CompositionPhysical PropertiesTypical Mechanical PropertiesFor Further Information ContactHaynes® Alloy 282 is an age-hardenable nickel-based superalloy that combines excellent creep strength with thermal stability, weldability, and fabricability. This new alloy has excellent creep strength in the temperature range of 1200 to 1700°F (649-927°C), surpassing that of Waspaloy alloy, and approaching that of R-41 alloy. Haynes® Alloy 282 can be further aged from the annealed condition or cold reduced condition for modest gains in physical properties. Other notable properties include resistaA comparison of the microstructure and creep behavior of Jun 15, 2011 · The HAYNES 282 alloy exhibited significantly lower creep strains and strain rates than the HAYNES 230 alloy. As HAYNES 230 alloy was designed for applications at higher temperatures where the -strengthened alloys, such as HAYNES 282 alloy, lose strength due to solutionizing, the worse creep resistance of HAYNES 230 alloy is not Long Term Thermal Exposure of HAYNES 282 Alloy Oct 06, 2010 · Long Term Thermal Exposure of HAYNES 282 Alloy. L. M. Pike. Search for more papers by this author. L. M. Pike. Search for more papers by this author. Book Editor(s):E.A. Ott. Search for more papers by this author. J.R. Groh. Search for more papers by this author. A. Banik. Machining - HASTELLOY.COMGeneral note:Use high pressure coolant systems and through the tool coolant, when possible. *To convert to surface m/min, multiply by 0.305 **To convert from in to mm, multiply by 25.4. 1 SCEA = side cutting edge angle, or lead angle of the tool 2 At any point where dry cutting is recommended, an air jet directed at the tool may provide a substantial increase in tool life

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    Here, Haynes ® 282 ® is a newly developed -strengthened Ni-based superalloy, which allows for service temperature ranging from 649 to 927 °C which is significantly higher in comparison to Alloy 718 [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8].Such high temperature capability of Haynes ® 282 ® is possible due to the specific chemical composition and its relatively low content, which also assures its thermal HAYNES 282 ALLOYHAYNES ® 282 alloy is designed for the transition sections and other hot-gas-path components in land-based gas turbines. HAYNES ® 282 alloy is designed for applications in engines for aircraft.