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Control Engineering Ultrasonic prox has 2-in. deadband

Jun 01, 2001 · Ultrasonic prox has 2-in. deadband. Dayton, O .Superprox 30-mm ultrasonic proximity sensors offer small size, mounting convenience, and configurability for on/off detection. Deadbands of 51 mm (2 in.) and 120 mm (4.7 in.) combine with the size to provide efficient proximity detection within sensing ranges up to 1 m (39 in.) and 2 m (79 in. New Hyde Park Telemecanique SM572B-100 Superprox The proximity sensor is new never used in the original box. New Hyde Park Telemecanique SM572B-100 Superprox Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor Skip to main content

SUPERPROX Ultrasonic Dual-Level Sensors

SUPERPROX® PROXIMITY SENSORS Model SM602 Series SUPERPROX® Ultrasonic Dual-Level Sensors Two styles of reliable ultrasonic sensors offer short range sensing solu-tions for dual-level control applications where mounting space is very limited Functionality of the ver-satile, industry proven SUPERPROX ® Model SM502 series is now part of the Model SM602 series of SUPERPROX Ultrasonic Proximity Motion SensorsUltrasonic Proximity Motion Sensors Rate & Stopped Motion Sensing In contrast to other jam and gap-type sensors which stop machine processes upon sens-ing a back-to-back, no-gap con-dition, this SUPERPROX® mi-croprocessor-based series (Model SM505 through Model SM575) of ultrasonic motion sensors is rate sensitive. Even with a back-to-back, no-gap con- SUPERPROX Ultrasonic Proximity Sen- sorsproximity sensing capability SUPERPROX® Ultrasonic Proximity Sen-sors Extended-range Proximity Sensing 4-3 IP67, the sensor resists most ac-ids and bases and is compatible with many chemicals, cleaning solutions, and chemical-based products. The SM300 sensor series is CE certified. These are just a few of the ben-efits of this new, small, multi-

SUPERPROX Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

of the SUPERPROX® Model SM503 series of Hyde Park ultrasonic, proximity sensors are as easy as pressing a door bell. Now available in either AC or DC power, the SM503 series is intended for applications requir - ing reliable detection of objects and a delay of the output sig-nal. Applications include jam and gap detection of all types SUPERPROX Ultrasonic Proximity Sensorssonic, non contact sensors of-fers reliable object detection where simple on/off control of the outputs is required. These smart sensors use the latest ultrasonic technology to ensure the ultimate in sensing reliabil-ity through a discriminating mi-croprocessor, push-button setup program. SUPERPROX® Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors No delay sensing Ultrasonic Sensors - world-spares12 mm and Flat-profile Ultrasonic Sensors SUPERPROX® SM300 Series Sensors The worlds first proximity sensor to offer an extended sensing range up to 102 mm (4") and detects objects of any material in harsh environments. Models available in either field program-mable or fixed field from the factory. Ultrasonic Sensors SUPERPROX® SM500

SUPERPROX Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors - SENTRONIC

most reliable ultrasonic technol-ogy, the SUPERPROX® Model SM600 barrel and flat-profile-style proximity sensors are the answer for improved productivity through-out the plant. Operation The Model SM600 series is a self-contained, pulse-echo device that both transmits and receives sonic energy over a sensing range of up to 254 mm (10"). These sen-