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Silverwood Steel Framing, Inc is a new high-technology company that specialized in light steel framing housing. Our light steel framing system is different from North American steel system, Comparing with American steel system, we are highly prebabrition, steel frame is produced and assembled in the factory. After shipping the frames to the site, it takes less time to erect the whole frames without lifting machine. Best Modular Homes & Prefabricated Structures in Delhi Light Gauge Steel Frame has replaced wooden framing with thin galvanized steel framing as a green initiation to build a structure that is durable and energy-efficient. The reusable metallic frame puts lesser ecological pressure than conventional construction.

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The light gauge steel framing technology has excellent commercial capabilities. The 140mm Panelised Fabrication System can build standalone light gauge steel structures up to 8 levels high. There is no height limitation when used for external building facades or internal walls of multi-storey buildings. Modular. Home HYTEK - HYTEK FRAMINGHYTEK FRAMING is a highly professional company providing builders with increased efficiency by utilising prefabricated light steel framing. We specialise in reducing the usage of old-fashioned structural steel by substituting our modern light steel framing components, saving you time and money, and can provide you a D&C or a fully conforming light steel framing solution for your project. Light SteeL Framing in reSidentiaL ConStruCtionThe basic building elements of light steel framing are cold formed sections which can be prefabricated into panels or modules, or assembled on site using various methods of connection. The different forms of construction are reviewed in the following sections. In most systems, the walls are manufactured as storey-high panels of up

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It takes PTH 45 days to finish the production of all components and parts.Like other light gauge steel projects, all the components and parts are prefabricated in the factory.The light gauge steel system follows NZ system, adapting advanced FrameCAD software and machinery system, 50 years life span are guaranteed. On Site Installation Prefabricated Steel Factory Buildings BuildingsGuideMultiple Savings on Factory Building Costs. With 95% share of the industrial building market, steel is ahead of the pack by a substantial margin. BuildingsGuide wanted to know why steel dominates the industry, and our research took us to a course on industrial buildings, presented by the European Steel Design Education Programme (ESDEP) 1. Prefabricated Steel Homes - Iconic Steel Building Systems

  • Ecosteel Prefabricated Steel Homes ProcessPaperwork, Design, and Engineering StepsManufacturingDelivery and Assembly of Your New HomeLight steel construction and modular homes as 2.1. Light steel frame building Light steel frame building is a well known building method in Australia, the US and Europe, and has been in use for more than 50 years. It is used for low and medium rise residential and office buildings, schools and many other types of buildings; in fact it can be used for any type of building.

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    Prefab construction leverages the benefit of optimized quality control which is much easier to accomplish in a factory environment than on a construction site. Modular projects also accelerate construction timelines and save money. Recent modular builds are speeding up project timelines by 2050%. Read more in our blog. Prefabricated steel building, Durable Metal BuildingAn important reason for the rapid development of prefabricated steel structures is to save materials. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete structures, the work efficiency is increased by 1/4 to 1/3. Besides, it also has economical advantages over reinforced concrete structures. 5. Steel Building Specification, Steel Structure Frame BuildingSteel Building Specification provide the basic information about the Prefab Steel Building, which include Warehouse, Workshop, Shed, and Garage Building. Steel building is a structure composed of steel materials, which comprised of steel columns, steel beams, steel trusses, and other components. The parts usually connected by welding or bolts.

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    Light Steel Framing and Modular Construction Light Steel Framing In housing, light steel framing generally comprises pre-fabricated wall panels, floor joists and roof trusses. Three storey town houses often require design of an open roofing system in light steel framing. Form of construction Light steel framing comprises galvanized C sections in